Concrete Testing

CTS is fully accredited for the following: Sampling, consistencey (slump testing), air content (reduced air pressure method), making and curing test specimens, mass per hardened volume (density) and compression testing. All NATA endorsed reports are issued after completion of 28 day crush however, interim results can be issued at earlier dates i.e. 1, 3, 5 or 7 day crush. Verbal results will be phoned through as requested and we are open 24/7 for both sampling, crushing and reporting if required. All samples are ground prier to crushing (to ensure squareness and an accurate result) or sulphur capping is available if requested or required.

The grinding process ensures perfectly square contact surfaces and ensures the most accurate result. (click the thumbnails for larger images)

Core Testing

CTS has full accreditation for securing cores, preparation and conditioning of cores (wet method), mass per unit volume and compression testing. CTS is one of the few laboratories accredited for sampling and securing cores and as such, all cores sampled are done in strict accordance with the relevant standard and are cored to comply with the criteria for acceptance/rejection of samples.

Correct coring of samples in accordance with the standard is a crucial, critical step towards an accurate result. Most laboratories report on samples supplied by the client or a coring/cutting company. These cores are not always taken in accordance with the Australian Standard. All cores are end cut by a diamond tip saw and then a grinding machine is employed to ensure the squareness and planeness of both ends. (click the thumbnails for larger images)